What We Focus On


Your Organization

Individual Contribution:


Performance health check

Individual Navigation Maps are developed to draw out each person’s view and assessment for themselves about what is possible for them in your business.

Confidentiality for the individual is guaranteed in order to free up their openness and expression.

Themes are feedback to the leader as input to planning and strategy.

Guidance is offered to individuals to optimize their alignment with business direction and desired outcomes.



This usually but not always follows a strategy and leadership group intervention that develops or reviews the organization’s purpose, vision, mission, strategy and execution effectiveness.

Typically, it is anything from 6 to 10 one and a half to two hour sessions. It depends on your needs and the overall nature of the work you want to focus on with us.

The focus is on the thinking, mindsets, hopes, fears, beliefs, values, that drive the person’s behaviour and how these impact their performance outcomes and contribution to the business.

In essence, the individual is delivering their Navigation Map and aligning it with business needs.


Group Alignment:


In-tact groups

A range of approaches are adopted according to your needs. These might include:

  • Preparation interviews for a team workshop that deepens each individual’s Navigation Map commitment to the team’s efforts
  • Individual and group profiling of fit for role preferences and capabilities to ensure optimal understanding of and alignment with other group members
  • Business meeting observations and effectiveness feedback to provide improvement guidance especially in managing differences and conflict
  • Workshops at both the tactical and strategic levels that optimize the achievement of the possibilities the group and the business have available to it 


Intergroup relationships

Whilst in-tact groups may find alignment, optimal organization performance is only achieved when each group within the organization understands and accepts another’s contribution as equal to their own and complementary to it.

  • Similar interventions maybe used as for in-tact groups
  • Workshops focus on goal alignment, role clarity and key relationships across the groups


Organization growth, direction & effectiveness

A combination of interventions is focussed on depending on your needs:

  • Vision, strategy and leadership workshops
  • C-Suite life inventory – a three-day luxury retreat to truly realize your hopes and dreams
  • Idaho leadership wilderness experience – two weeks of exploring ‘you’ to raise your conscious awareness for better business and life outcomes
  • Implementation planning
  • Business Process and organization design
  • Relationship effectiveness including joint mentoring of strategic relationships
  • Cultural adaptation
  • Competency profiling
  • Success measures 

Your Community

Any number and combination of the above approaches might be designed to increase your impact on your community.

  • How do you wish to strengthen your business partnerships and ventures?
  • What impact do you wish to make on your community that will build an enduring brand?
  • What is your added value to the community you serve?
  • How do they know and what is their take-up of your offering?
  • How do your clients/customers know to trust you?
  • How does your community response to you grow your business and how can you leverage that for a greater good?