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Registration deadline is July 10, 2017.


Who Can Join?

  • The seminar is designed to accommodate any fitness and skill level, from novice to expert.
  • 18 years of age and up.
  • Because of permit requirements the seminar will be limited to 16 participants.


The Details:

We have enjoyed the company of diverse groups of individuals who have joined us over the years on this trip, from ‘Survival of the Fittest’ champions, athletes, international rock climbers, river and mountain guides, to individuals over seventy, out of shape, and recovering from a heart attack — and all could do what was required. If you want expert challenge, that is certainly available too. The seminar is designed to accommodate any fitness and skill level, from novice to expert. The activities will at times be divided among the group according to ability; whatever your condition, experience or skill level, you will not be alone. And if you want expert challenge, that is certainly available too.

The trip will begin and end in Boise, Idaho, concluding with a memorable banquet dinner celebration and overnight accommodations at one of America’s finest mountain lodges.

The original training has been expanded to ten days. Additionally we continue to add new processes and games as well as some surprises.

How do we deal with change, the increasing rate of change, and organizational and personal demands? Technology was forecast to free up some of our time. That hasn't happened. With all the new technology and learning we can do more. And faster. There's an irony in all this. Sometimes speeding up life and working harder and harder in a futile attempt to buy the time to slow down and enjoy it...

Take a break for yourself

Do you recognize any of this? Do you ever wonder what positive surprises might be waiting for you out there? Do you get into routines that seem "normal" and "OK", rather than great, stimulating or expansive? Do you ever yearn for more balance, pauses, simplicity, and a gentler pace? Or do you ever want to renew your spirit, perspective and childlike enthusiasm? Just once in a while do you want to take a breather? Put some pauses between your activities, so your life doesn't look like this?

Here's an inspiring solution!

You may have heard that in 1992 Terry Tillman revived the Wilderness Experience. He did so because he continued to receive requests (and pleas) to do it again. The 1992 seminar was sold out with a waiting list — a big success! 

Terry has continued to expand and refine the seminars each year since to the point that we have been doing two a year the past few years. The memories are still fresh as the experience is enriched over time. This summer Terry is again offering the Wilderness Experience. He'd love to have you join us.



Sawtooth Mountains And Salmon River, Idaho (The trip will begin and end in Boise, ID).



August 9 - 18, 2017





  • Individual Plan: $6,550.
  • Bonus Savings Plan: $6,150 each. This is offered for friends and family for groups of 4 or more. You will also receive some surprise free momentos of your trip.

Send in your $1,500 (non-refundable) deposit now to reserve a place. Full payment is due on or before July 1st.

When we receive your deposit, we will forward further information on equipment, transportation and other logistics.


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